There are a lot of people who will help you with your mortgage. Each one has a different job. One of them is the Mortgage Officer Naples, your main point of contact with your mortgage lender. This person is called a loan officer.

Five things to ask your loan officer right away to ensure you have the best experience possible:

Question 1: How many transactions do you work on each month and year?

When you look at transactions, you can see how many people like or agree with them. The more transactions a Mortgage Officer Naples is working on or has closed, the better a homebuyer can judge your experience and track record for helping people like them get loans. The number of people who refer their friends to you shows that they are satisfied with your service. Whenever you talk about transactions, talk about the difference between average and excessive transactions and what that means for the borrower in terms of the service they will get.

 Question 2: Enquire for Net Promoter Score?

It’s well known that many lenders use the Net Promoter Score to keep track of how well their loan officers do on every closed loan deal. Every Mortgage Officer Naples will tell people who want to buy a house that they give excellent service.

The borrower needs to know that a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an objective way to measure how likely a customer would recommend your product to their friends or co-workers.

Question 3: How have you worked with people like me?

You are correct. Every single loan is different. When you talk to someone who might be interested in buying a home, you learn about their situation. But you have worked with homebuyers in similar situations before. Suppose the homebuyer is a marketing manager at a start-up who gets annual bonuses and incentive stock options. You want them to know that you have worked with their profile and structured and closed similar transactions. Help them understand how that experience has shaped them and what it means to them now.

Question 4: Can you tell me how you work with applicants to get my loan, from when applying to when I get the money?

You should be able to explain the mortgage process concisely and clearly so that people who want to buy a home can be sure that you know how to help them and that you are not a novice. If it takes two weeks for an underwriter to review a loan file, let the homebuyer know, so they can write a purchase contract that gives them enough time to close on your loan. In this case, they need to know that you are only in charge of the sale and will not be in the order of the loan from start to finish. Make sure there aren’t any surprises and be honest with the customer so that they can trust you through the process,

Question 5. How many times have you closed on time?

To talk about the importance of closing loans on time and what that means for people getting a loan, especially when the seller can hold them responsible for not completing on time. Then, open up about how you close loans on time and what you do.


To avoid making mistakes and getting into trouble, ask your Mortgage Officer Naples these five questions. Then, to get more information, you can connect with professionals like Steve Calabrese.