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If you’re here for Mortgage Loan expertise, you’re in the right place. My age says nothing about my knowledge in this field, because my track record is a lot louder. I’ve closed $50 MILLION in Mortgage Loans in just two short years in the game…

Steve Calabrese
About Steve

My name is Steve Calabrese, and I used to be kinda cheesy. No, butt seriously…I was the fat weird kid with zero confidence. And, I made some major changes in my life and my mindset to become a Mortgage Lender with $50 Million of closed loans in just two years in the game. Now, I want to teach YOU how to do the same thing. OR I can guide you towards closing on your own Mortgage Loan.

If there’s anything you’ll learn from me, it’s that you have to risk it for the biscuit. By that I mean, you need to go all in on your dreams and your actions of self-improvement, to get to where you deserve to go in life.

I’m 24 years old, and Ohio is where I grew up. Honestly, I hated Ohio. It was always rainy, and there wasn’t much opportunity. So, one day I made a decision to leave and chase dreams.

I packed up my truck & guns and transferred to Florida Gulf Coast University, a little college down here in SWFL. I didn’t know a soul down in Florida, but I’ve always known the ocean. I like to fish and Florida seemed like an idea made in paradise.

I needed a plan to make money though, and that need is when things really took off for me. I knew absolutely nothing about mortgages, but my dad is a LO, so I knew you could make money in loans. I got licensed to be a Loan Officer about a week before I moved down, and now it was time for REELS OUT!

2 years and $50 Million of closed loans later, I kinda made it work, and caught some big fish in the process.

I’m not saying I have my life figured out, but the moral of the story is: If I can do it, you can do it.

Ready to close some Mortgage Loans, or need some guidance closing on your own? Let’s get to work then!




My Main Mission

Mortgage Loans don’t have to be difficult or cause you (or your clients) extra stress. My main mission is to remind you of this, by teaching you my ways.

I teach other Mortgage Loan Agents how to network properly and close more deals. And I provide the knowledge needed to guide their clients towards the right options.

I also help hopeful homeowners or soon-to-be-homeowners with cutting out all the red tape and stress from the Mortgage Loan process. I do this by learning about each individuals needs, and then using my own knowledge of the game to provide them with the best Mortgage Loan options or strategies for those needs.

My Main Mission

“Sometimes, you just have to risk it to get the biscuit!”

Are you interested in buying a home with a Bridge Loan? I can teach you a few things you might not have known.

Interested in a second home investment? You should definitely watch this video to learn more about this process…

COVID-19 Has shifted the most people’s financial situations. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for a Mortgage Loan…

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