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If you’re here for Mortgage Loan expertise, you’re in the right place. My age says nothing about my knowledge in this field, because my track record is a lot louder. I’ve closed $50 MILLION in Mortgage Loans in just two short years in the game…

Steve Calabrese
About Steve

My name is Steve Calabrese, and I used to be kinda cheesy. No, butt seriously…I was the fat weird kid with zero confidence. And, I made some major changes in my life and my mindset to become a Mortgage Lender with $50 Million of closed loans in just two years in the game. Now, I want to teach YOU how to do the same thing. OR I can guide you towards closing on your own Mortgage Loan.

If there’s anything you’ll learn from me, it’s that you have to risk it for the biscuit. By that I mean, you need to go all in on your dreams and your actions of self-improvement, to get to where you deserve to go in life.

I’m 24 years old, and Ohio is where I grew up. Honestly, I hated Ohio. It was always rainy, and there wasn’t much opportunity. So, one day I made a decision to leave and chase dreams.

I packed up my truck & guns and transferred to Florida Gulf Coast University, a little college down here in SWFL. I didn’t know a soul down in Florida, but I’ve always known the ocean. I like to fish and Florida seemed like an idea made in paradise.

I needed a plan to make money though, and that need is when things really took off for me. I knew absolutely nothing about mortgages, but my dad is a LO, so I knew you could make money in loans. I got licensed to be a Loan Officer about a week before I moved down, and now it was time for REELS OUT!

2 years and $50 Million of closed loans later, I kinda made it work, and caught some big fish in the process.

I’m not saying I have my life figured out, but the moral of the story is: If I can do it, you can do it.

Ready to close some Mortgage Loans, or need some guidance closing on your own? Let’s get to work then!




My Main Mission

Mortgage Loans don’t have to be difficult or cause you (or your clients) extra stress. My main mission is to remind you of this, by teaching you my ways.

I teach other Mortgage Loan Agents how to network properly and close more deals. And I provide the knowledge needed to guide their clients towards the right options.

I also help hopeful homeowners or soon-to-be-homeowners with cutting out all the red tape and stress from the Mortgage Loan process. I do this by learning about each individuals needs, and then using my own knowledge of the game to provide them with the best Mortgage Loan options or strategies for those needs.

My Main Mission

“Sometimes, you just have to risk it to get the biscuit!”

I'm Steve Calabrese

Here’s My Story

I was losing at life till this one decision changed the outlook of my life

For most of my life growing up in Ohio, I was the fat weird kid, with no confidence, no personality and I was scared of the world, especially girls. I legitimately couldn’t hold a conversation with anyone other than my mom. I played no sports and had no social life, so I spent the majority of my time shooting squirrels in my backyard with my pellet gun in suburban Ohio. I was the definition of losing at life. I was terrified of the world. In 8th grade, one of my three friends convinced me go to a wrestling practice. I weighed 178 #’s my first wrestling match. Four months later, I weighed in at 143 #s and was whooping other kids. High school rolls around and I finally had friends from wrestling. They made fun of me, but at least I had people to sit with at lunch now. I was still awkward as one could be, but I realized that life got a lot better, when I did difficult things, like wrestling.

Trying to be someone I wasn’t

My best friend was a real serious kid. Hilarious at times, but he carried himself in a real serious manner. And he was cool. So I tried copying him, for years. It just didn’t work, the real Steve is a complete goofball. I was hiding my true identity behind a fake Steve, someone that I just wasn’t. This caused me serious identity issues. I was trying to copy someone and that had a near opposite personality – so it was difficult for me to really connect with people. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida, that the real Steve came out.

Ohio Hay Farmer -> Florida Loan Farmer

I thought I wanted to be a farmer my entire life, so I baled Alfalfa on the side my first year in college. Then I realized how much man power is required to make a small amount of money in farming. So I quit. I immediately abandoned the idea of being a farmer. And I hated Ohio. In general, there’s very little diversity in anything and no one had any sense of adventure. I felt like an alien. I knew something needed to change. So decided it was time to quit Ohio. I broke up with my girlfriend, enrolled in a course to get my Loan Officer license and told my parents I was moving to Florida. I packed my truck with my guns (literally my only expensive belongings) and transferred to Florida Gulf Coast University, a little college down here in Southwest Florida.

One DM Changed Everything​

Right before graduating high school, my friends made me IG, FB & Snapchat accounts. I was literally the last kid to have social media in high school. I’d posted very little and was terrified to post my face or DM people, I really had only posted hunting pictures of animals I’d killed. Right before class started my first summer in FL, I found the FGCU Spearfishing Club on Instagram and messaged them: “do you know anyone that needs a roommate, I like hunting and fishing and I just moved down here and need friends.” A few months later, I was the President of the Spearfishing Club, freediving 80 feet, spearing fish as big as I was and actually had a tribe of friends. I was mind blown – I went from: sitting in my apartment in Columbus; bored, depressed, miserable, going to class that I hated, learning things that I hated, with literally no one to do anything with – to 50 cool ass friends that I had the same interests as I did. Had I not sent that one cold DM to a club, I would have likely not had this experience at all. I saw the power of social media, but I didn’t think I would ever use it for business.

Mortgage Lending

I got my LO license when I first moved to FL, but I pre-occupied with other stuff. I was 2 years into Florida life, taking 15 credit hours, running 2 collegiate clubs and trying to figure out this mortgage thing. My life was a mess, I was overwhelmed and had no skills on managing any of the stress. My dad has been a successful LO for 30 years, so I’ve been around mortgages my entire life. Some of these older LOs I knew, were so bad with technology that they couldn’t turn on their computer, but they were crushing it. I had this idea in my head that if they could do it without knowing what a google search is (I’m not kidding) than I could do it by using social media and the internet. The issue was, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Our company was based in Ohio, and I was basically working remote in a market that we had zero brand presence and the only people I knew, were a bunch of college kids. I needed money, but I knew getting a job wasn’t an option. So I started going to networking events and trying to market myself locally. Whenever I got a loan, I would call up my dad, say “I got one” and we’d figure it out.


30 years ago, you built a mortgage business by putting an ad in the newspaper and bringing donuts to real estate offices – So I asked my dad what to do and that’s what he told me, so I did it. And let me tell you, it didn’t work. I dumped my life into learning how to market myself in a modern digital world. I tried everything; buying leads, generating my own leads on Facebook, cold calling, every flashy marketing program out there that promised to make you 100k in 3 months and guess what? I lost a lot of money and none if it worked – but I learned what didn’t work. I saw one thing in common about all these people trying to market: Everyone wanted to write a check to quickly “fix” their marketing – and it seemed that the only way to really market yourself was to MARKET YOURSELF. But no one wanted to actually put their own elbow grease into marketing. It wasn’t until I started actually learning about marketing that I realized what did work, creating connection.

College Drop Out

Mid-semester, I was sitting in an intro-to-marketing class at FGCU, I realized that this professor had literally taught me nothing applicable to marketing my mortgage business. I finally realized they weren’t actually going to teach me anything to help my own business, they were going to continue to teach me surface level BS that would help me become a cog in the corporate machine. I was pissed. I got up, walked out and knew this college thing was just not going to work out. I wanted to drop out and do mortgages full time – I saw the opportunity and I wanted to run with it, but I didn’t have the balls to take the leap. Until that leap was made for me by a freak paintball accident. In order to stay a collegiate level club (which meant FGCU gave us $10k/ year to compete in spearfishing tournaments in the Key West) we had to do a certain amount of club activities. Long story short, I was playing paintball with the club and I was shot in the back of the head by a paintball gun, point blank. I was in the hospital for a week, I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move my arms and I was pretty much a vegetable. I thought my life was over. But, I recovered and I finally got to drop college and do loans full time. I gave it all I had and became a top producer at our company my 2nd year in.

It’s a lot easier to develop a passion for and from your job, than it is to try to find a job that happens to match your passion.

My purpose didn’t start as “desire to be” it started from “desire not to be.” I had no desire to get into mortgage lending when I was a kid. Actually, when I was little, I remember telling my mom “I’ll never be a Loan Officer.” Probably because I saw how much my dad worked and wanted nothing to do with it. But I saw an opportunity in this industry and I went after it. It was only after I became an LO that I developed a purpose in my work – a deep purpose. And it wasn’t to become something, actually it was to NOT become something.

Here’s how a typical LO conducts their business: Get up – check email. Go over pipeline – check email. Small problem arises with a loan file – immediately fix issue, then check email. Make a call – check email.
Most LO’s are addicted to checking their email like an addict is to crack. Giving them no time actually grow their business. Most LO’s are control freaks. We want to do everything ourselves and are convinced that if anyone else touches our files – everything will get ruined. Most LO’s take calls late into the evening hours because they don’t set boundaries.
I was becoming this LO, when I realized that it’s everything I resented. So I embarked on a journey to learn how to run my mortgage business, like a real business and to bring real marketing to an industry that’s deeply confused on what to do in the digital age.
The real opportunity is in connecting with people – My job is to help us connect more.

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